Best 5 Women Fashion Tips for Amazing Presence!

We must understand that colour blocking takes using colours for fashion to another level. You want to use colours to bring out the most fabulous you? Grab your colour wheel and make effective use of it.

The following are five (5) very simple and amazing tips to help you get started!

1.       Pick Two Colours: Choose at most three colours and stick to that. A simple two-colour look is more effective and sassier than combining multitudes of colours which can possibly result to a colourful, messy chaos. For a harmonious get-up, group colours of the same shade together. Always separate the bright from the dulls. Use neutral shades for everything else, like your jewellery, shoes, bag and other accessories.

2.     It should highlight a body part: Colour blocking can be used to highlight your figure. Wear a brighter or lighter shade on the body part you want to bring out--your upper torso, for example. Wear a dull or darker shade on the part that you do not want to highlight.

3.   Use the Colour that complements your skin tone, eyes and hair: Always pick shades that are opposite to the colour of your skin, hair and eyes. Do not use hues that match your body tones because that would result to a dull, boring look. Colours that are complementary to your skin and hair make your clothes stand out and give you a brighter shine.

4.   Black and white Colour is a classic: Blocking still works for those who are scared of colours! If you think your choice does not bring the needed fashion desire, it is always safe to go with black and white. This classic combination never fails.

5.       Always be confident: The best makeup anyone can wear is their confidence. Note that if you do not think this suits your style and personality, it is more fashion-sensible to pass and look for an alternative. A classy, colour blocked get-up has no use when you are shy, right? If you think otherwise, go out there and flaunt your looks. Be proud of your apperance!

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